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Tired of pedalling like crazy? But you don’t want a heavy and new E-bike, but you’d rather keep your trusted bike? We have the perfect solution for you. Give your bike an upgrade with the new ADEN Powerkit Go and in a blink of an eye turn it into a pedelec. No sore muscles the next day, no more sweaty clothes in the office, no heavy bike. Get started now!

The retrofit power unit weighs only 1.6 kg and can be mounted together with the thumb throttle and pedal sensor onto almost any bike. Spontaneous trip to the countryside and your battery is empty? No problem, thanks to the ADEN Powerkit GO you are completely flexible. Your battery is fully charged in just two hours, and you can also get an exchangeable battery on request.

Don’t make life too hard for yourself – use the new ADEN Powerkit Go. With speed up to 25 km/h don’t just arrive at your destination faster but get there easier. And keep your favourite bike.


  • powerful brakes
  • Wheel dimensions: starting at 26 ″

Perfomance data


Rated output 250 W
Max. speed 25 km/h
Weight 1.6 kg


Power 330 Wh
Voltage 36 V
Charging time approx. 2 h if the battery is completely empty
Weight) approx. 2 kg


Components Powerkit Go

Why a Powerkit go?

Flexible for
unlimited biking pleasure

With the ADEN Powerkit Go, you can switch between two bikes in a few seconds - one with ADEN power, one without.


With recyclable materials (mainly aluminum), without additional lubricants or fairings made of environmentally harmful plastic, you can stay true to your bike and upgrade it sustainably.


With support up to 25 km/h, you won’t just cut a great figure on the street, but be able to cut short through the forest easily.


The engine with battery (total 3.6 kg) provides more riding fun - no pedaling, no sweating, even on mountain climbs.

Simple & fast assembly

ADEN Electrosets fit nearly every bike and can easily be demounted when desired.

From bike to pedelec in just a few minutes. In the assembly instructions, we explain how you can easily retrofit your bike yourself.

These bikes are already powered by ADEN

Get the power!

You want to get the ADEN upgrade for your bike? Drop us a message with the form shown below and we will get back to you. It would be perfect if you sent us a picture of your bike so we can check whether it meets the requirements. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


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