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Powerkit Sport
Switching between the three different translations Mountain, Basic or Speed ​​only takes about 3 minutes and is child's play!
  • Mountain: the steepest slopes are no longer a problem! Vmax (at 27.5 ") about 25 km / h
  • Basic: The allrounder, whether on the street or on your home trail! Vmax (at 27.5 ") about 30 km / h
  • Speed: It's always faster - whether to work or to the local bakery! Vmax (at 27.5 ") about 35 km / h
This is how you easily adapt your ADEN Powerkit Sport to your driving style and your trial.

Package content: 

  • Toothed belt pulley small (15/17/19 z)
  • Toothed belt pulley big (41/40/38 Z)
Price:49,00 €
VAT. included
Lieferzeit: 7-10 Werktage
Delivery time 7-10 working days.


Montageanleitung Übersetzungswechsel PK Sport 2022 (deutsch)
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