Twist throttle

Do you want the real "moped feeling" with your bike? Then get the throttle.
Ultimate driving fun thanks to perfect controllability!
Flexible assembly, can be optimally combined with transfer seat posts and other fittings. Attach, plug in, done!
The throttle fits every standard handlebar with a diameter of 22 millimeters as well as "oversize" handlebars for MTB and Dowhnhill - simply activate your power kit without pedaling and steer your bike like a moped.
It impresses with the following values:

  • compatible with standard 22mm handlebars + "oversize" handlebars
  • cable length 1.50 m
  • weight: about 100 grams
  • cheap price
  • can be retrofitted to almost any bicycle
  • inexpensive accessories
  • quick assembly and dismantling


In connection with the Powerkit Sport complete set, the surcharge for the twist throttle is only 65 € incl. VAT.

Price:85,00 €
VAT. included
Lieferzeit: 7-10 Werktage
Delivery time 7-10 working days.